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Colombia Cannabis Investor is a cannabis consultancy company that offers high quality market, regulatory, legal and security services. Our CCI Newsletter is provides our readers with accurate, actionable and timely intelligence and insights on the Colombian medicinal cannabis industry. CCI consultants and co-founders have over 15 years of specific experience with international clients in the Latin American market.


Regulatory affairs


Expert consultancy and advisory services to help you navigate regulatory requirements and opportunities in the Colombian medicinal cannabis industry

Market research


Up-to-date market research data on companies, products and key trends within the industry


Corporate establishment and structure, along with specific medicinal cannabis legal expertise and advisory in commercial, labor, civil and government affairs.

The CCI Newsletter

The Colombia Cannabis Investor newsletter is the leading business intelligence publication in the Colombian medicinal cannabis space. We provide our readers with on-the-ground insights on key trends, opportunities and challenges, as well as exclusive interviews, regulatory analysis and the highest quality market research data.


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